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Just got done watching Letterman. Did anyone catch it at the end where Dave was shaking Todd's hand and asked "is it fun to sing that one?" and Todd says "after 30 years?"- not SUPER sarcastic but he didn't try to sugar it up, either.

I love this man and I appreciate that one gets burned out on the hits- I don't want Todd to become the bobble headed schlockmeister of say, a McCartney , but I wonder if he really understands how some of his tunes are for his fans...I mean, maybe Dave had his heart trounced by some 70's babe and this was their swansong. He doesn't wanna hear Todd do it as a Weird Al tune...Dave, if he's anything like me, wants to WALLOW.

And Todd must know this feeling. He sings Marvin Gaye's songs with such tenderness and respect--this is HIS music. And he is MY music-- I love it and I would like to feel he knows it and respects what he gave us.

Anyway - maybe it's past my bedtime.

I thought he was just getting warmed up when he had to stop. In closing, Let's hear it anyway for those OH-SO-SOFT-looking yoga pants! purrrrrrrrrr......

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