TR at the Southern Theater (Jerk / With friends like these / Who needs enemies?)

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First to the good parts. The Southern theater is a beautifully renovated historic building with two balconies, the place was nearly full (about 900 enthusiastic fans), I had a great drive to Columbus, attended the show with an old friend, we had great seats, and we were psyched! TODD! We arrived during Royston’s rendition of "In the Lap of the Gods" and decided to stand at the back of the theater until he finished his set so that we wouldn’t disturb him by taking our seats. Unfortunately, not everyone was concerned about distracting the artists this evening.

Now the bad part. As discussed by Debbie Smith Stokes, some loud drunk in the first row managed to really dampen the magic of the evening. This guy insisted in talking with his 3 friends, shouting out requests, or trying to engage OH in conversation for the first 14 songs. On top of that, this guy had a voice like a chainsaw cutting through sheet metal—like nothing I’ve ever heard. Finally Todd had it, pointed to the guy, and asked him to shut up—several times. That only encouraged the moron (Hey! I’m having a conversation with Todd Rundgren!). He turned to the crowd, raised both arms, and sought approval for his behavior. Boo’s rained down. Mr. Moron asked for Todd’s mike so he could explain himself (Really!). Todd called for security twice but all I saw were about a dozen ushers in their 60’s and none of them looked like they were ready to take on Chainsaw. Todd finally said "I will get off the stage if you do not shut up." The guy finally shut up (until the encores—Todd’s flub on Hello It’s Me came 5 seconds after chainsaw opens his mouth). Todd pushed on with the show (Beloved Infidel was next), the consummate performer that he is, but the damage was done—at least to my mood. Todd forgave Mr. Moron and shook his hand after each encore (Love is the Answer).

My favorite songs of the evening were I Don’t Want to Tie You Down, Black and White, Beloved Infidel, and (especially) Kindness. The crowd seemed to love Bang the Drum and the Wheel. I would have loved the Wheel too except Chainsaw’s out-of-tempo clapping at the end diminished the finish. I bet Todd was happy to get this gig over with. Todd was missing the high notes early in the show but hit em at the end. His voice seemed a lot rougher than last week in Indy. In the intro for Beloved Infidel Todd said he likes to let his songs to the talking, but that he hadn’t written the song "I hate George Walker Bush" yet. The props brought up by Debbie and friends for the Tiki session were a nice touch and EVERYONE appreciated them.

I learned in Indy that if you want an autograph from Todd, you have to bring a Sharpie. It worked! As I’m tall, I got a handshake—Again.

Todd Rundgren
solo / acoustic tour

Black Guitar:
Love of the Common Man
Black and White
I Don't Want to Tie You Down
Lunatic Fringe

Piano: It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference Viking Song Compassion Free, Male, and Twenty-One Kindness

Uke: Bang the Drum All Day

Guitar: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away Beatles tune -- I've Just Seen a Face? Beloved Infidel Born to Synthesize

MP3 Tiki Band: I Saw the Light Influenza Can We Still Be Friends I Want You

Guitar: One World

Encore 1 Piano: Hello It's Me A Dream Goes On Forever

Encore 2 Guitar: The Wheel What's Going On

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4/15/2003 - Southern Theatre - Columbus, OH

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