Todd vs. the Cols. Ohio resident drunks!

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Well the big news from the Columbus show is that a group of audience members who somehow snagged front row tics, 1 row in front of us to our right, almost had Todd walking off the stage by about the 4th-5th song! These people talked loudly and continually through all of Royston's set, spilling their beers on the floor, then setting the 1/2 empty glasses on the stage.. geeeze! By the time Todd came out they were well lit and Todd was in no mood for it! Todd finally told the one guy to "shut the f**k up" after trying to reason with the guy a bit. After they still continued to talk loudly Todd said "I'm serious here, if you don't shut up I will walk off the stage".. damn, shut up already! They finally did quiet down and Todd seemed to come out of the upset after about 3-4 more songs. The saddest part of all of this is that he was and still did put on another truly inspired show, a few flubs on the piano yea, but all in all another great Todd solo show! The only set difference from Cleveland was no Tiny Demons. My friends and I may be able to take a little credit for brightening up Todd's mood when the Tiki set started. We had purchased lei's, an inflatable Ukulele, a 3 ft.inflatable palm tree, and a plastic maracca sized pineapple we hand stuffed with navy beans to make the noise! He opened the pineapple maracca and found the navy beans and pelted a few high above the audience, what a treat this was for myself and my friends. Now,I just have to say that if any of you go to any of the shows left on this tour and you experience audience members like this, do Todd a favor and try to tell them to chill so he doesn't have to have his whole evening ruined. Seems like this has happened in many preceeding shows too so lets help the guy out here. Todd remained the veteran professional through the whole ordeal and even shook the hands of some of the loudest audience members after the encore. What a guy!

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4/15/2003 - Southern Theatre - Columbus, OH

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