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Todd has always been a fan favorite in Cleveland and Cleveland has always been a favorite location for Todd. This was evident in his Playhouse Square show at the Ohio Theatre in Cleveland Sunday night. The noticeably older crowd was subdued at first, but that quickly changed. Todd had us all eating out of his hands from the first chord of Lysistrata. I've seen Todd over 70 times and am comfortable saying that this was one of the most inspired solo shows of his I've witnessed.

The venue was a classy old theatre in the heart of Cleveland's revived theatre district. Todd hit the stage shortly after 8pm and led us through a 27 song, 2 hour marathon. Not only was Todd inspired, he was having alot of fun too. When talking about the tour, he lovingly stated that Cleveland is the "tenderloin" of the tour. He was thankful to be back in his "spawning ground" and referred to Cleveland as the "birthplace of civilization as it were." Todd struggled with a minor finger problem at first, but had it bandaged up by the "medic" (aka roadie). Todd was having fun with the crowd and limited his political commentaries to a few.

As for the show itself, it was wonderful. Todd's voice was in great form and his playing was passionate. He made his share of usual mistakes along the way, but it didn't really seem to matter. Show highlights for me included "Lunatic Fringe." I'd been reading reviews of previous shows, but hadn't about a week or so prior. That one came as a complete surprise to me. An acoustic version of "Beloved Infidel" was gorgeous. Todd's acoustic version of "Born to Synthesize" was my favorite. To appease the morons who did nothing but yet "The Wheel!" throughout the entire show, Todd teased them with a little "Wheel" interlude in the middle of Synthesize.

Other highlights included "I Don't Want to Tie You Down", "I've Just Seen A Face", "What's Going On" and a stirring version of "Kindness". My wife was actually weepy during that one. Don't get me wrong, the "typical" songs were awesome too. "Cliche'", "Viking Song" and even "Hammer in my Heart" were standouts. As another idiot "fan" yelled out for "Black Maria", Todd replied by saying "yes, anything is possible" although anyone who new any better didn't buy that.

Set List:

I Don't Want To Tie You Down
Hammer in my Heart
Love of the Common Man
Beloved Infidel
Lunatic Fringe

It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference Viking Song Compassion Free, Male and 21 Kindness

Bang the Drum Black & White You've Got to Hide Your Love Away I've Just Seen a Face Tiny Demons Born to Synthesize

I Saw the Light Influenza Can We Still Be Friends I Want You One World

Encore 1 The Wheel What's Going On

Encore 2 Hello It's Me A Dream Goes On Forever

As for disappointments, I only have one from Todd's standpoint. The reviews of other shows have stated how great "Hawking" was. I was looking forward to that, but am certainly not complaining. I do, however, have issues with some of the so called Cleveland fans. The yelling, whistling and outright rudeness of some of the Cleveland fans was embarrassing. During the softest, most subtle parts of a song, we were all disturbed by a loud whistle or yell of "SLUT!". Real geniuses. There were also a couple of stalker type dudes that wondered to the front of the stage. One guy handed Todd an Easter basket and just stood there. If there was one loud yell I appreciated, it's when someone screamed "Security!" when the guy wouldn't go away. Probably the only appropriate fan comment of the night. All in all though, awesome show.

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