Todd is inspired in Cleveland!

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The show Sun night in Cleveland was my 2nd time seeing Todd in Cleveland. I had always heard he loves the city, well something that night had the man inspired! This was by far one of the best solo shows I have seen from Todd! I must preface this review with a quick story confirming what I have always said about Todd fans, they are some of the nicest people I have ever met! We set up a before show get together with 17 online friends we had met at assorted internet Todd related newsgroups, here's these essential strangers meeting for dinner and we had the best time! I continue to be amazed at the people that have stood by Todd for all of these years and I am so glad I have gotten to meet so many of you! Now back to the show..there were several loud audience members, one right next to me kept yelling "The Wheel" every minute or so, but besides these few requests being hurled at Todd the audience seemed to thuroghly enjoy the show. Set list was as stated earlier, the big surprise being "Kindness" Todd said because the audience was quiet enough he'd play it, you could have heard a pin drop during this song! I was thrilled to hear Todd was making 2 appearances in Ohio this tour, I will see the Columbus show to-nite and I am glad I got to see both of them. We were lucky enough to get autographs that night after the show, it was cold and Todd hurried to the van to warm up but obliged about 20 of us with autographs from his seat in the van, he was very sweet this night and I'm glad we got to meet him again even tho' there wasn't much time for friendly banter. Well, off to the show to-nite, stay tuned for more!

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