Cleveland Show

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After reading Roger Steel & Bruce Hicks review I can't add much other than my own personal experience and photos I was able to take.

The sold out show was great! Todd seemed laid back and relaxed. Of course he experienced a few problems with a injured finger tip, a broken string and a light on his sheet music that wouldn't work.

I was fortunate that I sat in the 11th row back on the right hand side and didn't have the problems that Roger and Bruce had with annoying drunks next to me yelling.

I don't mind people having a good time and enjoying themselves but, when they infringe on others that spend their hard earned money and come to enjoy a live show of their favorite artist. Then that spoils the whole evening.

On the brighter side, I can say that the sound of Todd's voice was strong. He really came through on "Kindness", "Tiny Demons", "I want You", and "A dream goes on forever". The acoustics were great as Todd mentioned about the benefits of a Theater environment which only certain cities like Cleveland have.

I can say that I too have attended numerous shows over the past 30 plus years that I have been a fan of Todds' and hope that he is around many more years to continue satisfying not only himself but those fans that appreciate his talent!

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