Belting it out in Motor City aka Lunatic Fringe and a Brush

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I could have sworn the Internet said there was an Omni hotel on beautiful Jefferson Avenue in downtown Detroit. But after driving up and down for 45 minutes and asking for help twice, I found myself at the Courtyard by Marriot near the Renaissance Center.

So checking in, this average looking guy next to me strolls up and says "R.U.N.D.", and I get I turn my head to the door and in strolls Todd with luggage on each appendage looking cool nontheless in a black suit and shades.

I play it cool too. I don't blurt out..hey Todd, I'll be there tonite, like I did in New York City (Nearly Human tour). I let the man check in and as he goes by... I say something to the affect that "I'm a may know me as Stosh." He smiled even before I said anything and reached out his thumb to was the only free appendage. He greeted me very kindly.

Note: I take no credit for the lack of flubs during the show despite the fact that I touched his thumb.

The line outside the Majestic Theatre was lively and getting colder by the minute. Inside, Royston Langdon already had started. I liked the fact that he was not shy about "belting it out" in voice and guitar. Really enjoyable.

TR gave more effort than I had ever seen him give. He was deliberate and sincerely belted out words and chords. The joking was non-stop with the crowd..which even helped him on the Black and White chorus. He added "Lunatic Fringe" on behalf of the war effort and opened with Lysistrata.

All the people I met in Detroit were open and lighthearted. It was my first time there, and I have not seen a more depressing downtown since...Russia probably. By the way, The Ohio Players and Cheap Trick are in town this week too.

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