Chicago, April 11....Vic Theatre

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4/12/2003's really late and i just got back from the windy city but i have to point out a few things before i crash:

1. Todd owns enthusiastic, packed house - a really good venue, TR on top of his game - in fine voice and even better sense of humor....i think ( and this is saying something) it was my all-time favorite todd concert.

2. highlights had to be - i don't want to tie you down, it wouldn't have made any difference, compassion, born to synthesize ( probably the wrong spelling, but i'm too tired to look it up), hawking and are you sitting down ???? the premiere of a little pink floyd - don't know where that came from but he said he couldn't get it out of his head !

3. one of the todd faithful got busted and tossed out of the concert for selling rundgren t-shirts....two years ago i remember he got tossed out of the "taste of chicago" for the same thing.... i know how much he likes todd and it seems the city of chicago has something against him - if he ever wants to see a show - better leave the t-shirts to Ebay.....(i love mine however !!)

4. stood on the floor - right in the center about four rows back....this younger guy was very polite the entire night but didn't clap or show any expression until OH did 'black and white " was like somebody turned on a switch......all of a sudden this kid was a wild man - singing, jumping, dancing....i guess he liked the song - pretty funny, maybe you had to be there !!!!

5. when you tune into letterman on the 16th you'll be VERY surprised to see which song TR will be playing request of the host - it will be "hello, it's me"....don't anyone panic - Paul not Todd will be playing piano - thank God....

6. royston is really looking and sounding comfortable - good for him - very talented - good voice and a pro on both guitar and keyboard...

7. goodnight.

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4/11/2003 - Vic Theater - Chicago, IL

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