The Vic Theater, Chicago

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Royston Langdon started right on time at 7:30. Though I really didn't recognize anything he played, I enjoyed his music and his energy. And he's pretty cute for a Brit!

Todd came onstage wearing a brassy brown suit and a smile.

1. Lysistrata
2. Love of the Common Man
3. I Don't Want to Tie You Down
4. Hammer in my Heart
(Todd received a group lei by Anna, Jody and me -- orchid, maile leaf and ti leaf leis from Maui)
5. Cliche' (Todd took off the leis and said he'd use them later in the show...)
6. New Song, World Premiere: "Lunatic Fringe" by Red Rider
TR: "I don't know if that was a political statement; you can fill in the blanks. There's one thing that's chaffed my ass --- the resistance movement --- a statement about your right to have an opinion. What the f*ck are we doing about democracy?!"

7. Beloved Infidel

8. It Wouldn't Have Made any Difference
9. Viking Song
10. Compassion (flawless!)
11. Free Male & 21

12. Hello It's Me (He'll play it next week on Letterman, as he's a 'favorite guest')
13. Bang on the Ukelele (with leis and very small ukelele. He said he felt like a circus clown -- the only thing missing was a monkey!)
14. Black & White
15. Hide Your Love Away
16. I've Just Seen a Face

17. Born to Synthesize ("Think of Chicago, Playboy After Dark, Sammy Davis Jr., the good ole days... Let's conjure them up again!")
18. I Saw the Light
19. Influenza
20. Can We Still Be Friends
21. I Want You

22. One World ("Back to the future!")

23. Hawking
24. A Dream Goes on Forever

ENCORE #2 25. The Wheel
26. What's Going On? ("war is not the answer!".....)

Much love and aloha was in the house. A wonderful solo show --- don't miss it, people!

* * * * *

Waiting outside the security were pricks, so we shuffled across the street and sang "Just One Victory" and met other fans. I hear Tom Petty has 5 shows there next week, and they're bringing in Mace for crowd control --- sad and unnecessary...

After about 45 minutes, security dwindled down to one. We waved at Royston coming out the front door and heading to his van. Todd came out the stage door alone, holding his aloha shirt & suit on hangers and goodies fans gave him during the show. Todd said hi and signed everything presented to him -- a couple guys even had guitars to sign! Todd drew a hand doing the PEACE sign on one guitar. He saw me, smiled and said, "Lani! Thanks for the lei." I blushed, "Hey, Todd, I'll lei you any night!" He posed for photos with everyone, then took all his gifts and bundled into the SUV for the five hour ride to Detroit. We said, "Aloha Todd, and please add a Midwest summer leg to the tour!"

Then we joined twenty of our 'closest friends' at Cesar's for margaritas, Mexian food, fun stories and more photos. Phone numbers and e-mails were exchanged, and cabs were hailed. I hated to leave Chicago so soon, but we had a 6 a.m. flight back to Los Angeles (I had to work the next day!). It was a wonderful sixteen hours in Chicago, with some of my dearest friends and I hope to see you all sometime this year --- perhaps at the Todd Fest WEST 2003?..........

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