Vic Theatre 4/11/03

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I have to start by saying Chicago gave Todd the most beautiful spring day! I was already so pysched about the show and then this gorgeous sunshine smiled on us. It was the usual slow going on 90/94 and took nearly 2 hours to get to the Vic. The line already formed when we got there. The lovely staff at the Vic told me I couldn't bring my camera in. It was a "professional" model. UGH! Mind you - I am no where near a professional - and so it goes - back to the car - over to Walgreens to buy a disposable one. GEEZ!

Once inside I took a deep breathe - and big swig of beer - and things were much better. Someone recognized me from one of the Kasim shows up in Sheboygan - and we chatted a bit. I spotted Hersh and Deb - went over to say hello. Beautiful artwork Hersh - amazing! Hersh had painted an incredible picture for TR and I was lucky enough to get a personal viewing. Strolled over to say hey to Jana, Jeff (weavil) and alot of familiar faces! It's always great to see everyone again.

Royston Langdon (do you go by Roy?) - anyway I thought he gave an incredible performance. He has a great voice- projects well- and sang his heart out. I got groovin to more than one his tunes. I will get his solo CD when it comes out.

The crowd was very "up" for the show. A bit noisy - for sure but all into Todd. It's different when the chatter is a bunch of drunks not interested and being distracting. This was more of a buzz of excitement. And I think TR felt it tonight. We were all having fun and Todd wanted to join in. His voice couldn't have been better and this was the best solo performance I have seen. He delivered the songs with so much heart and feeling and ROCK-it was fabulous.  Don't ask me for a setlist - that's not my thing. But I'll tell ya what - "LUNATIC FRINGE"??  Whoa! That was alot of fun. He said it had been going on in his head and he had to get it out. I was amazed.   All the songs were given to us with all his philly soul shining through. No one can say he didn't give us his all. During the "With a Twist" set - I had to focus on Todd's hands-without guitar or piano-they never stop moving-almost like everything inside is trying to spill out. Todd was joking and in great spirits it seemed. Even told us to put our hands in our neighbors pants. Hey! Kinda of a "love the one your with?"...LOL! As the show ended - 2 encores - sang "The Wheel" with so much heart that I could dance to his acapella ending!!! Hammer in my heart always get me dancing too even with just TR playing.  Todd reached out and shook hands - signed a few things. I saw the painting passed up to the stage and into Todd's hands. I smiled!

It was truly a gift for me to be there. Thank you TR and Royston for a great evening with you.

And the only thing that would have been a nice addition to the show would be a song with both TR and Royston together. (I always ask for too much though).

If my pics turn out- I will share with all. 

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