Todd at the Vic Theater

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The world needs a healer, and Todd is a healer.

I'll leave set lists and technicalities to other reviewers. I was so absorbed in the entire two hours of music, that I wouldn't have been able to make notes on a pad of paper even if I had one in my pocket! My comments have more to do with the essence of this show--a time for people to come together to laugh, to cry, and to rejoice in the wonderful spirit of the man and his music and his brilliant understanding of the human condition.

Todd left no ambiguity about his position on current world affairs, and he did so (almost) solely through his music. I personally found the concert to be deeply uplifting, as it helped me get in touch with the disappointment, the hurt, the anger, the fear, and all the other emotions that are part of the times in which we live.  

Todd's voice was strong and beautiful, he looked great, and he offered a masterful balance between heartfelt lyrics and downright foolishness. The "Playboy After Dark" version of I Was Born to Synthesize was absolutely hilarious, and Beloved Infidel, Hawking, Compassion, and What's Going On were absolutely heartwrenching.

It was great fun and very interesting to see him replace searing guitar riffs with an entirely different kind of fancy fretwork. The Healer, I suppose, felt that we needed something more grounded, more peaceful--"no, no no, a little more humanity please." Sure this was a great Todd concert, but folks, make no mistake about it, this show is all about giving his fans a very special gift at a very important time in world history. Anyone who has visited the ToddisGodd website knows what I mean.

As my husband and I were walking home from the Vic (imagine actually being able to walk home from a Todd show!), the other concert-goers walking to their cars made it impossible to NOT start singing: "I am counting the smiles on the road to Utopia."

Thanks, Todd.

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