Vic's Vapor Rub - 4/11/03

Review by Bob Fahrner (Switch to

Now, here's a concert that really cleaned out my sinuses!

I spent an hour riding the Belmont bus to get to the Vic. When I finally got there, Royston Langdon was finishing up his set. His amplified acoustic guitar had a tinny sound but he sang very well.\par \par Anyway, I firmly planted myself at the back of the bar to take in the show. Todd came out, played "Lysistrata" with a tinny sounding guitar and a velvet voice. Whoa Nelly.

And that voice kept going and going - not a bad note to be found. "Cliche" was no cliche.

Todd then sang a few tunes accompanying himself on the piano. The piano had a much more robust sound than the guitar. "Viking Song" was a standout - sounded like a Broadway musical with a slight twist. Andrew Lloyd Weber would be licking his chops with envy to the tenth power.

Todd dug into his catalog, explored the obscure parts of "Something, Anything" and just plain brought it all home.

Bossa Nova followed. I'm not quite sure I get the connection between Bossa Nova and Hawaii, but, so what.

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4/11/2003 - Vic Theater - Chicago, IL

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