Indianapolis Show, April 8

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i've had a hard time in my life learning that if you can't say something nice about someone or someplace - you shouldn't say anything at all .....but i think i will anyway.

as usual, TR was awesome and so was royston for that matter. highlights were lysistrada, i don't want to tie you down, the wheel / what's goin' on. but, oh, how i missed it wouldn't have made any difference and tiny demons.

road trip with two good buddies was fun but at my age i've got to admit the ride home was brutal.

so now to the part that all things considered wasn't that bad but still very apparent. the vogue is a great venue with a good sound system. my fellow hoosier citizens however left quite a bit to be desired. i know the joint is a saloon and not a concert hall but when OH has to point out a section of the audience and tell them to " shut the f _ _ _ up" and when hawking is being played and the crowd sounds more like it's at the ncaa finals - it is very disturbing. as i said, i know the vogue is a bar - but in florida at both a concert hall setting ( clearwater ) and a bar setting ( orlando ) you literally could hear a pin drop when hawking was played.

i don't know, but my guess would be that between the great reception he's getting in new locations, indy's audience behavior and crowd size - - you might just have seen the last of todd in central indiana.

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