TR at the Vogue--Again

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Probably my favorite solo Todd show. I didn’t think it would be because I love electric guitar so much, but Todd played great and put so much into his singing--and he was in great voice.

The Vogue is an excellent venue for a show. It’s easy to stand up close to the stage and Tues night had just the right number of people--about 300 in my estimation. I was in a group of 12 including several newbies. Overheard someone joking at the door “Who is this Todd Lundgren guy?”

Royston opened, which I didn’t expect, but thoroughly enjoyed. The first few songs caught my attention, especially the Queen tune “In the Lap of the Gods.” Boy did he wail and pound the ivories on that tune.

I stood far stage right and could watch Todd play the piano. That was a first for me and my favorite part of the concert. I was amazed how large and strong his hands are. When he sat down to play he sounded apprehensive and said something like “88 possible mistakes.” Further evidence of his need for concentration to play this instrument followed when he chided some folks up front for talking (shouting) over the monitors and suggested they could speak more easily at the bar. He said something like “I’m egotistical enough to think you bought a ticket to hear me, so shut the fuck up!” That remark got a big cheer.

Several songs spoke to the war in Iraq. Lys, One World, Compassion, Hawking, and, of course, What’s Going On. Todd commented that he had nothing to say about the war that hasn’t been said already but that “running his mouth is his right.” Also said something about anti-war protesters being labeled un-American and “don’t let anyone shame you out of your birthright as a American—the shittiest job in the world right now.”

My favorite tune of the evening was Hawking—so heart felt. Also great was Hello It’s Me. Todd always has trouble performing this song without making some sort of wisecrack or nuance that makes you feel he’s fulfilling his obligation to perform one of his hits (and he really doesn’t want to). Not tonight. Absolutely sincere.

Show ended about 11pm. As I’m tall, I got a handshake—Again.

Todd Rundgren
solo / acoustic tour

Guitar: Lysistrata Love of the Common Man I Don't Want to Tie You Down Hammer in my Heart Beloved Infidel

Piano: Viking Song Compassion Free, Male, and Twenty-One Hello It's Me

Uke: Bang the Drum All Day

Guitar: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away Beatles tune -- I've Just Seen a Face? Black and White Cliche Born to Synthesize (segs to Jetsons, calls for Mommy, and falls asleep)

MP3 Band: I Saw the Light Influenza Can We Still Be Friends I Want You

Guitar: One World

Encore 1 Piano: Hawking A Dream Goes On Forever

Encore 2 Guitar: The Wheel What's Going On

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