TRuesday at The Vogue, Indy, 4/8/03

Review by Ken Davis (Switch to

It was a very solid, close to two hour show- slightly marred musically by a couple of glaring flubs- yet redeemed even so by Todd's self effacing sense of humor- and a fair-sized, reasonably behaved audience. Under scarlet, azure and magenta spots, our hero was nattily attired in sport coat, open collared shirt and slacks.

"Good to be back among my heartland homies!" the skunk headed one notes, strumming the black Takamine:

Lysistrata (he *hit* the high notes that he still
*can* tonight- and nails the rest of these vox too!)
Love Of The Common Man
I Don't Want To Tie You Down (Ooh Baybeee!)
Hammer In My Heart (check pacemakers at the door!)
Beloved Infidel (shoo-wheet!)

Thence to the grand piano ("Uh oh, 88 different ways to make a mistake!") for:

Viking Song (just a trifle too rushed) Compassion (doesn't need it) Free, Male and 21 (cheap, androgynous and immature) Hello It's Me (w/indy gospel keep-your-day-job singalong chorus) Bang The Drum (aka Bang The Ukelele Daily aka I Hate My Frickin' Ukelele Banger) But O' scented brains earns our forgiveness with a deuce of lennon/mccartneys (mccartney/lennons? Which is it these days?)

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away I've Just Seen A Face Black and White (is ballsy and blatantly out there) Cliche (sounds anything but) Born To Synthesize (Arlo-ized, real folk blues version that incorporates verse of two of The Jetsons theme to hilarious efx) I Saw The Light (bossa nova style- which reminds me to wonder why he doesn't do mp3 backing tracks for any un-twisted tunes in the set?) Influenza Can We Still Be Friends I Want You (Ess-Em-OH-kin' Marvin cover!) One World (we're back, back on the black tak-a-mine!)

Encores of: Hawking (badly flubs intro, climbs back on horse, spurs it, gallops off in 88-keyed cloud of glory!) A Dream Goes On Forever The Wheel (segues into) What's Going On (second gaye cover nicely bookends pair of earlier beatles toons)

Got my July 4th photo of Todd and me autographed from the stage. Noticed Don Lindbergh (in his TR's Utopia design jean jacket) and Ken Owen in the audience. Thanks again to Doug Story, also in attendance, for taking the previously mentioned photograph.

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