timinoh at the Southgate show

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Ok, I'll jump in here. The Southgate House is literally on old style turn of the century house with an upstairs, main floor and a downstairs. The main floor features a 'sitting area' if you can picture that, with several adjoining rooms and a bar. Portraits of 18th century presidents line the wall. Cool setting and atmosphere. Downstairs, or the ballroom as it is known as, is where the acts play. Limited seating was available including a balcony that was part of the main floor and actually overlooked the downstairs ballroom.  Drinks were available in an area in the back of the ballroom, but in this show, that was not a problem at all. We were there to see TR. The TR fans in attendance seemed very attentive and appreciative. Very few there got up to leave in the middle of the show for a bathroom or smoke break. And this was asked to be a non-smoking show by request of the artist.

Todd played the usual set list. Even though I have read past reviews and knew what to expect, the gang that I went down with, which included my 21 year old daughter (her first TR show) and her friend, found it to be funny, edge of seat at times, can't believe he is playing this, It's Important To Meeee, That To Know You Are Freeee (sung with feeling), what a hoot kind of show.  We had a ball. Great show Todd

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4/6/2003 - The Southgate House - Newport, KY

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