Todd in Ashland, Ky

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Todds set as well as his sheer professionalism was as good as I've seen in the 30 some years I've been going to concerts. With the only exception being Ritchie Havens, I had theretofore never seen a solo act at that level. As a friend observed, it was amazing to see Todd step away from the mike and actually hear his unamplified voice fill the beautiful Paramount Theatre. Todd has this quality to his voice that is difficult to explain. He has a sincerity, an inflection in his voice that comes across, to me at least, as almost child like in it's beauty. A very impressive gig it was. As I was watching the show, it struck me how utterly professional this guy is. with a catalog that spans 35 or more years, his offerings are and were diverse. At more than one point I got the proverbial chills going down my spine from the emotion of it all. Todds guitar work was as effortless as was his voice or his piano or his uke or his comfort with mp3 as accompaniment. To me it was not the detail of each measure or chord or melody, rather, the overall effect of seeing a consummate pro doing what he does best: entertain and amaze with awesome effect.

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4/4/2003 - Paramount Theatre - Ashland, KY

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