Lexington Concert

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I've been a die hard fan since the opening sounds of International Feel first graced my ears. That was a looong time ago! Have seen many TR shows both with Utopia and without, and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. When I heard Todd was doing a "real" solo tour, unplugged, I was ecstatic. However, after reading some of the reviews of the prior shows, I was apprehensive but none the less enthusiastic. While the majority of the reviews are favorable, they seem to focus on Todd's mistakes. After seeing the show in Lexington, which was FANTASTIC, I have come to the realization that other performers probably fuck up just as much during their concerts, but they have a band behind them to camouflage them. That is what made this show, and tour so great. Just the man, his tunes, his instruments and his fans. I can only hope that Todd will release a "bootleg" series CD of this tour. I'll be the first in line!

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4/3/2003 - Kentucky Theatre - Lexington, KY

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