Lexington - First of a Big Three in Kentucky!

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Todd passed through Lexington for the first time in his long career, but his show was worth the wait! His setlist was much the same as at previous venues and his performance included a few minor slips that only served to authenticate his sincerity and passion for me. I saw Todd in Cincinnati last summer in an electric format and was thoroughly impressed, but seeing him doing his solo-acoustic gig enabled me to be better understand him, his music and where they both come from. He is clearly both a solid and talented man!

The Kentucky Theatre was almost full and there was an appreciative energy in the crowd from the start, I thought. Everyone was glad to be there and Todd seemed to really be up for the show!  Todd told the audience that he had stayed the previous night in Louisville and had made a "big mistake" because he could quickly tell that the "old hippies were over here in Lexington". The crowd roared!  He also mentioned how far it was from his home in Hawaii to Kentucky, but really felt like a world traveler when he saw exit signs for towns like Frankfort, Versailles and Paris......and Simpsonville .....and Shelbyville! That was funny! (Little did he know that Kentucky is also home to London, Athens and Hebron!)

His show lasted for about two full hours and really had no lulls in it!  To me, most impressive is the power, range and clarity of his voice! To be able to sing hard and soft, so passionately, for two hours, night after night, is truly amazing! I, along with two high school buddies, had fifth row seats and felt privileged to be close enough to appreciate the passion he has for his life's work! He throws it out there to you and you feel it! We were awed at times!

The Lexington Herald-Leader does an excellent job of recounting most of the songs performed, so be sure to read it, but I particularly enjoyed "Tiny Demons".......not to discount any of the other songs that he did! Tiny Demons just really caught my attention, especially listening to the lyrics! The Beatles' covers were super, done Todd-style, as was "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye.......it was very stylishly performed! A nice touch!

I thought Lexington welcomed Todd well and he seemed to really feel at home! In fact, I was hoping he would take an impromptu stab at "My Old Kentucky Home"............that would've been something really special with his brilliant voice! I am proud to see that he has scheduled a total of three shows in our state......so just maybe.......aw, you know......you gotta wish for the special stuff!

Anyone who has a chance to spend "An Evening With Todd Rundgren" should make a point to do it! He is awesome! I hope he includes Lexington as a stop the next time he tours this part of the country. I will surely be there!

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4/3/2003 - Kentucky Theatre - Lexington, KY

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