Lexington, KY Show, 04.03.03

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My old roommate, who I introduced to Todd via A Cappella about 10 years ago surprised me a few days ago to tell me that he had tickets to the show at the Kentucky Theater - I hadn't even heard that Todd was coming, or else I would have been calling him! :-D

I have been a fan of Todd's since kindergarten - the first song I owned of his was "Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel" on an old mono/stereo 45 - and have been hooked since. Tonight was the first time I have actually seen him live - and I have to say I was thoroughly blown off the map. He stuck to roughly the same setlist - after reading some of the reviews, his "excuses" about the guitars and piano make PERFECT sense. He was in a great mood, and was obviously enjoying himself. What can I say that hasn't already been said? We had a GREAT audience here - a little tipsy after the first few songs, but they were all appreciative (props to the guys stage left who gave a standing ovation for EVERY song)...the show, flubs and all were just perfect. For seeing him in concert for the first time, an intimate setting like the Kentucky was a wonderful choice - it was like having a concert in the living room with a few friends over.

Well, gotta go break the vynil out and get back to the old school stuff again - you don't realize for some of the songs just how beautiful they are, until they are stripped of all the production and the re-takes...just one man obciously singing from his soul, and bringing to life a body of work I have cherished for years. For those of you who are like I am, who have been long time fans, but have never had the opportunity to experience the man live, GO. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you Todd! 

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4/3/2003 - Kentucky Theatre - Lexington, KY

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