review of 4/1/03 concert in kansas city

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This show was outstanding. One hour and 45 minutes total, including encores. first song--Lysystrata, second tune LOCM, last song before encores "one world", final encore "A dream goes on forever". guitar work was near perfect. only two flubs on piano(wrong pinky on a chord), but very minor. no re-starts of songs as mentioned in other cities. Todd was in a great mood. Very large and enthusiastic crowd at this nightclub venue.

folks in line before show said todd did sound check at 3pm and afterward came outside and had a beer with the 10 folks already lined up.

TR made a couple funny remarks about Tulsa ("there is nothing in tulsa"), and intimated he was glad his tour was heading north.

postshow note: when stage crew was packing TR's guitars, he laid guitar case out at front of stage.....had TR's home address on it(will not divulge due to respect for the man). The stage guy should be more careful....

See this show. Well worth it!!

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