April Fly's Open Day at Todd Show

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This was a great day for Kansas City! Todd Rundgren came to Kansas City and he conquered.

To start our evening off we (my wife Jennifer, my buddy Paul Lumpp, from Topeka, Kansas and I) were able to meet and greet Todd as he arrived for his sound check at 5:10pm. He was a gentleman and graciously shy at the same time. We spoke and took pics and Todd headed in for his sound check. During his sound check Todd gave a shot at "Play This Game." He also checked his Uke and then sang a bit of, "Hello It’s Me." After the sound check Todd came out to the volleyball area of the Beaumont Club and a small group of us were able to sit with him and ask him questions and get autographs and so on…

The show? It was stellar. Only a couple of tiny glitches. "Todd, we had all forgotten them, even before the end of the show."

The song list is as follows:

-Love of The Common Man
-I Didn’t Want To Tie You Down
-Hammer In My Heart
-The Viking Song
-Compassion (This was the part of the show where divine intervention occurred. Ann Jesse and myself each had a tear in our eyes (at least I did) and we confirmed with each other how much these songs have touched our hearts during our lives. “Thank you Ann for making the evening even more touching for me.")
-Too Far Gone
-It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference
-Free, Male and 21 (About this time I noticed Todd’s fly was all the way down)
-Bang The Drum 
(At this point Todd spoke of the war)
-Beloved Infidel
-Hey, You Got To Hide Your Love Away
-I've Just Seen A Face
-Tiny Demons
(Todd received a t-shirt from a c/ctt Users Journal – Dweeb Talk) 
-I Saw the light
(Todd stated the he didn’t want us passing any more notes during class) – (even though we were trying to tell him that his fly was down.) 
-Can We Still Be Friends
(Todd finally realizes his fly is down and looks a little embarrassed. He zips up his fly and carries on.) 
-I Want You To Want Me
-One World
(Todd says, “thank you” and “a whole show with my fly open.”)

First Encore

-Hello It’s Me -The Wheel -What's Going On

Second Encore

(Todd comes out and stands at center stage and says, "Oh, what the hell!" He then unzips his pants for his final number)

-A Dream Goes On Forever

Todd and I shook hands and the show was over.

Everyone had a great time and Todd we cannot thank you enough for coming to our town, Kansas City. We Love Ya Man. Please come back soon. We have missed you since the last time you were here.

If anyone would like to contact me you may at sonnydrums@comcast.net

I would definitely like to get a hold of a video of this performance and any pictures anyone would like to share. (just for memories sake) One more thing: Todd, thanks for the memories!

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