Rundgren review - Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OK

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I went and saw Todd Rundgren for the last time last night. His behaviour was stunning! He played the legendary Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. He didn't have a band, he either played acoustic guitar, piano or sang karaoke with pre-recorded backings from an mp3 player (that sounded and looked unbelievably cheesy). One of my biggest pet peeves is people talking through a show. It is, unfortunately, unavoidable at a club show. That being said, there was really relatively little at this performance at the Cain's.  After his very first song, however, Todd made a remark about possibly throwing his mike stand at a group of people to his left who were talking and laughing during his performance. He continued to allude to the "drunks" talking and laughing through the entire show. Those who caught his show in Dallas the night before should know he made a derogatory comment about the audience there as well. If Todd feels this way, why is he allowing himself to be booked in bars as opposed to small theatres? His show was obviously not rehearsed. Many times he couldn't recall the piano parts; most notably on "Hello, It's Me", at which there were four separate parts where he couldn't recall how to play it (He also started the song as "Hey y'all, it's me" which I believe was intended as a slight against his perception of the audience). These weren't mistakes, he actually didn't know how to play it! He would start searching around for the right chord. This was his biggest hit song and he couldn't remember how to play it! On an earlier song, after flubbing a piano chord, he stopped and blamed his mistake on the "constant jammering" in the audience. He would also stop several times mid song while playing the guitar and tune a string. It was the sort of performance you would expect in his living room, not on the stage. Every statement I've ever heard about Todd being an arrogant asshole is now completely and totally reaffirmed! He may be a very talented individual, but I'll never go to another one of his shows.

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3/31/2003 - Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa, OK

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