Few more things about the Tulsa show

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April 2, 2003

Random observations about the Tulsa show, to add to the comments already posted:

Just about every song had at least a screwup in it. Todd actually laughed during most of these, except the ones he claimed were the fault of a noisy audience. His voice was amazing, however. His guitar went out of tune a lot, but on most of the songs he was beating the hell out of it. His right hand was like a hammer. Hello it's me was really screwed up, but I think everyone enjoyed it just because it was his biggest hit. The vocals were great, and when he played it right, it sounded perfect. But wow, he had some huge clams in there - sometimes he had to stop and suss the chord out before he could continue.

One of my bands played Cains in the mid 90s, and pretty much what you see is what you get there. The backstage area is one room about the size of a small bedroom but long and narrow, and there wasn't a curtain - he just opened the door, walked up to the mic and started. I was about 15 feet from the front of the stage, and had an excellent vantage point. Hardly anyone showed up early for the show, which was strange. I was third row off to the left a bit, and my wife and I showed up at the gig at just past 7 o'clock. Thankfully the place filled up eventually, but the other shows I had seen recently at Cains had much longer lines earlier. I was afraid it was going to be about 50 people there for a bit. Cains is about the size of half a basketball court, dark, and kinda scary looking in a cowboy ghost kind of way. I love seeing shows there however, since the place sounds great and is small enough that you can see the stage well from the back wall.

My favorite moment was with one of the autograph folks. A decently endowed woman wanted an autograph across her breasts, and Todd chastised her and said "I don't care how big they are, not during the show!" The first autograph nimrod brought an album to Todd, which he placed between some towels and said he was going to Ebay it. Actually, the opening guy who I believe is from Tulsa signed an autograph during the show, and it might have been his first one. It was a pretty nice moment, and he did well. However, I think it emboldened some of the others there to try the same thing with Todd. Totally different results.

There was an interesting blend of people there too - everyone from who you would think would be there, meaning 40 somethings, and some people in my demographic, which is late 20s to early 30s. One guy was about my age and kept standing up after every song and going crazy in the front row. I even saw a married couple that looked like they were barely out of junior high school. Other than the idiots who kept talking during songs, it was a great crowd. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show.

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