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April 2, 2003

Went to Tulsa on a whim after Gruene(heaven) and Dallas (purgatory) The trip was cathartic for me, my Dad died in December and he was Todd's age- Dad was a sad Viet Nam vet...

Todd's music has raised me in a way that my Dad didn't. Is that too heavy for here?

Those of you who love this music will understand.

Yes, the tunes have gotten me in to and out of innumerable romances, but there's also something deeper there that I can't easily articulate.

On a roiling mini jet, bumping along and freaking me out 10,000 ft above Oklahoma, I "saw the light" about my Todd/Daddy thing... there's possibly a sicko web site for this (haha)

SO--- the show was weird and the crowd was too drunk and impolite, OH was cranky and the night was not in my top 10 shows, but there's a lot to be said for the freedom to still do whatever the heck we wanna do in this country, dammit! That includes impromptu flights to Tulsa where I get to see Todd do his old "Russian Kick dancing" while playing the heck out of Love In Action!

ALSO, the whole trip cost way less than years of therapy so,

Thanks TODD!

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