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I have been going to Todd's concerts for thirtysome years and this week in Tulsa, OK was the first time I was embarrassed to be a member of the audience. The audience was unbelievably rude, seemingly disinterested and downright uncouth.  I'm not sure what they expected from a solo tour.

I drove a couple hundred miles to hear Todd, but instead all I could hear was incessant talking from the audience. As for Todd's comments about the noise...there were several times when I wanted to stand up and yell "shut up". The constant noise in the audience, coupled with one person after another walking up to the stage in the middle of a song wanting an autograph or some other inane thing, was extremely distracting.  Did it ever occur to those criticizing his "flubs" that they might actually have been a result of the distractions.

I particularly liked the comments about his not remembering how to play Hello, It's Me. This was the first of two songs played during the encore. I would almost bet that the last thing Todd wanted to do was play an encore for that audience. He didn't forget how to play that song or any other song. He probably didn't give a shit after the way he had been treated all evening. Can't say that I blame him. And quite frankly, that audience didn't deserve his best.

I really wish I had chosen a different concert location.  His voice was magnificent and in spite of it all he remained ever gracious.

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