3/29 Dallas

Review by John Keys aka poiboy (Switch to

Once again to the Canyon Club, this time our group included the on-the-fence TR couple about to have their ephiphany. I go to these things now not expecting too much, just my way of paying my dues to help keep the man going while seeing familar faces and old friends. Set list has been mentioned, I was amuzed that in the first batch some normally piano songs were done on the acoustic, then he went to the demon piano and ripped off a perfect Viking Song. Beloved Infidel, Born to Synth, & Kindness were my favs. Did the annual bathroom break for Free Male & 21. TR's antiwar talk elicited a few comebacks including "What are you doing? Don't you know you're in Texas?" I thought it ironic that this man from Hawaii (and Pearl Harbor) would compare this Iraq thing to the Vietnam war. Wonder how many hits Todd would have made if he'd been born in Iraq? Bu t who knows, maybe they'd all be singing Todd ditties before prayer time. Irony #2 - he might want to spend more time practicing his biggest hit. On the whole, a typical TR show these days - moments of wonder and amazment balanced by some uncomfortable stretches, but something you don't want to miss, kinda like watching your kids grow up.

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3/29/2003 - Bronco Bowl Canyon Club - Dallas, TX

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