March 29, 2003 Bronco Bowl

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I brought my 20 year old "emo boy" son to see Todd at the Canyon Club the other night. He's heard me praise the music of TR all his life, and, since Nate is an aspiring singer/songwriter I thought it time for him to experience the Ultimate singer/songwriter/musician! too bad he had to see him in that pit they call the Canyon Club!

Todd was in great voice, better than I've heard him in awhile. I just wish he would tighten it up a bit! The flubs and stops are annoying. Todd himself would NEVER tolerate that in a band setup. Why then is he so loose when he performs solo?

As always though, Todd's stage banter and personality always make me smile. I can never get enough. (TIG!) The pleasant surprises on the setlist for me were "Born To Synthesize" and "Beloved Infidel". I liked his choice of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?" (so appropriate for the tough times today)

Todd never disappoints...well...maybe just a little! My son enjoyed the show, and we both covered our ears on the way out to block out that horrible Tex-Mex disco crap! Long live Todd!!

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3/29/2003 - Bronco Bowl Canyon Club - Dallas, TX

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