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Went to Gruene and Dallas shows. In answer to Patrick Rogers review, Todd DID have many techno problems at sound check beginning with blown horns on the monitors at the cess pool that is the Canyon Club. This venue is so beaten by the myriad of metal bands that pass thru that it's amazing the electricity is still on. After the piano levels were set, we turn to the guitar. Todd's board o'pedals decided to melt down and all was feared lost.Todd took it back to the hotel to figure out what was up(if any one could, wouldn't it be OH?). As Tom, trusted sidekick and sound man extrodinare' related, Todd put on headphones and quickly realized it was a phase cable problem and solved it. The show goes on. However, by then he had to be feeling the Tortured Artist and my opinion is he gave us all he could muster between Techno probs., Canyon Club external noise, and a smallish crowd. I too, long for those thrilling days of yesteryear with a big band and scathing guitar licks. But to be near Todd puts me in touch with my past and so many emotions that I can't miss a show.My grandchildren(i'm only 51) have now seen him twice and are 3rd generation Toddaholics. I hope you all are able to introduce your grandyoungin's to the wonders of Todd. It's a great feeling to see they're faces beaming and hear" Todd's COOL!! Granddaddy."

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3/29/2003 - Bronco Bowl Canyon Club - Dallas, TX

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