bronco bowl

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Todd, oh Todd, what can I say. When you grace our city it brightens my day. You're a wizard a true star no one can deny, being in your presence gives me the ultimate high. I've adored you from the beginning this much is true, your number ONE fan through and through. What a babe what a voice what a talent to behold, from Runt to present I'm totally sold. The emotions you stir in me are surreal, there is absolutely no end to your sex appeal. The thought of you on Hawaiian sand ~ (hmm, legs long and tan without a break), they should feel privileged to have you in their native land. The frequent dreams of you dating back to my teen years, relentless and sometimes haunting, and sometimes included tears. Your music truly touches my soul when you stand on stage and do your thing, all your old songs I'm privileged to hear you sing. I love you Todd I'm forever true, never stop performing for I wouldn't know what to do. Hey, I never professed to be a poet, articulate I'm not and I know it. These seventh grade rhymes I know people will joke, I don't care what others think of me, so put that in your pipe and smoke. Todd's the man in my heart forever smooth, what's a girl to do Todd, what's a girl to do. I love you... =)     

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3/29/2003 - Bronco Bowl Canyon Club - Dallas, TX

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