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Seeing Todd is like going to visit a favorite cousin I haven't seen in years. My first concert ever was seeing Todd in Carnegie Hall from the 2nd row in April of '74 (wow! Really 29 years ago?!) and has been my favorite ever since. I've seen over 15 different tours in almost as many states since... I last saw him in Anaheim in 2000 (the show Kasim broke his leg). The chance to see him in a small venue was too good to be true. I now live in Brenham, Texas almost 3 hours away.  My girlfriend Anna and I arrived around 6:30 and found many friendly fans in line already. Upon entering the barn (Gruene Dance Hall) a little after 7, we took one of the long tables on the side on the aisle with a perfect view of the stage, about 7 rows from the front. Even bought 2 tee shirts of OH, which I never do. I couldn't believe how close we were going to be! The folks at our table, Jim and Tyra,  were cool, swapping stories with us about their Todd concert experiences...Opening act Van Wilks was pretty good with his accompanist Josh but you could tell everyone was psyched to see Todd. 

The bad news was that when Todd took the stage, everyone from the back that arrived late pushed forward, jamming the aisles and blocking the view of the folks that had gotten there early. Many tall people stood directly in front of Anna blocking her view of Todd for the next hour or so. I ended up standing on the bench of the table, then had to stand on the table on catch a glimpse of Todd. Most of my time was spent asking her if she could see. She spent most of the evening looking at the backs of the guys crowded in front of her, keeping them from pushing her into the table.

The good news was, if she could see him, he was, as always, great. Thanks to other reviewers that had the song list. He looked like a professor! Just him and his guitar and piano (and Uke for BOTDAD) having fun, joking and chatting with the crowd during between songs. He was really annoyed at some folks right next to the stage talking about stuff loud enough that bothered him, including telling them to SHUT UP! right in the middle of the song. He fell off the piano stool in the middle of another song then discussed the size of his ass before finishing the song. He forgot words ("a tee of sears" instead of a "sea of tears" during ADGOF), then laughed and said it was his first show of the tour, he'd get it right. He missed some high notes, forgot more words and started some songs, stopping, made more jokes and carried on.  He cracked us up with his take on the Dixie Chicks and their political stance, and was serious and compassionate about his. The "screw-ups" and interaction with the crowd is what made it special. I have been to some shows (including some Todd shows, sorryTR) that sound note for note with the "album" but this is what I liked about seeing solo (older?) Todd. A lot of his personality and all the flaws only made it better. 

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