Gruene Hall...3/28/03

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First of all, I met folks from all over the United States. What a venue! The oldest dance hall in Texas! Too many cops around for any serious gettin on down though. Her w go...lysistrata/I dont wanna tie you down/ love of the common man/old cliche/BLACK AND WHITE/it woudnt have made any difference/viking song/free male and 21/can we still be friends/bang on the drum/love of an infidel/HAMMER IN MY HEART!/tiny demons/ Hey! you got to hide your love away//I saw the light//influenza// I want you to want me// One world// encore#1//Hello its me//#2 wheel of karma//whats goin on?//#3 a dream goes on forever......hows that for 20 bucks and he signed my shirt to boot! 

He plays dallas later can have both halves of dallas if you ask me...I'll take Gruene Hall and firendly folks anyday.....thanks to all who showed up from near and far...I think He really meant it when he said he really enjoyed playing here...I am glad he was so close to home...his songs always hit so close to home anyway...

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3/28/2003 - Gruene Hall - New Braunfels, TX

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