Gruene Hall

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Greune Hall was rough on todd. Greune Hall was rough on me! What a strange crowd. the list is very long on what went wrong, the best thing about being a todd fan is that is still ok and i am convinced the genius among us could come out, just stand there and most of us would be very happy. the lights were directly in his eyes, the bathrooms are directly on either side of the stage, there were some very rude people there (why, i have no idea). todd was witty and i truly believe he was freaked out by the whole ordeal. tonite will be better venue and we still carry the torch. i met scott, a CO-guru from compuserve days, his family, sat next to my long ago ex, and brought my newly found toddie, margaret along for the most interesting todd show i have witnessed in awhile. What a world. In this time uncertain i am very glad we have todd to help us through it.

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3/28/2003 - Gruene Hall - New Braunfels, TX

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