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well folks im sitting in my friends home here in dallas with mind amptly blown after last nites experience. first of all the hall was an old style roadhouse about 45 miles south of austin-open air-natural ac and a sold out house to witness confirmation of the resurrection of OH. the importnat news: the vocals continue to soar....i dont have the exact setlist-i will hopefully post that after return to WV after tonite (BIG D) but heres what struck me in no partcular order: 1. the inclusion of "beloved infidel" on acoustic gtr (stretched fingers and all)- 2. the never before wheel>whats going on (i knew with things they way they were we'd see this-i almost gave up on the encores-but this version was shimmering)...the wheel did not end with clapping-it went straight into marvin..3. the insertion of cwsbf at the piano bench a al mountain stage (however, sad to report several train wrecks piano wise but they didnt de-rail him for too long...worst ones in HIM and ADGOF (which is surprising, since he doesnt fuck that one up much)..tiny demons also made an appearance......as for the cahunas??? he went down into the heart of texas and laid down his stance on protesters, the war amidst many pro-W folks..it took balls but he didnt go too far..i knew when lys was the opener (actually before they turned the pa on-we heard it softly thru the monitors) and 'nam came up...he genuinely cared for the well being of all.."i love you guys..please take care of yourself so we can have some fun later...." the wramth was around-thanks from me to my long time tr pal, brian tapp (and his wife mary) with whom i stayed in dallas, and who drove the killer diller 4.5 hr drive so i could catch 2 down here- gruene is really neat-like going back in time..even if you dont see tr there-its is worth the trip to see the hall-it was an honest to goodness old time roadhouse-i heard they filmed part of travolta's dance steps there in urban cowboy-its not urban at all, trust me......but last nite..the love vibes reverberated into the the night and through the air..what did they used to say about the dead?? theres nothing like a todd show--you may think youve seen em all, but these days its truer than ever...

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3/28/2003 - Gruene Hall - New Braunfels, TX

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