Todd in the Triangle

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So happy to see Todd here in the Triangle! As a former Clevelander, I despaired of seeing him again until my return to Cleve.  It was the first Todd show for several lifelong fans, and he gave them a great show! Todd was in great voice and spirits, very relaxed (especially on guitar) in spite of the guy requesting Skynyrd (it was only funny the first time).

The opening act was 8 guys from NC State singing a cappella. They did a great job, except for the woossy clothes and "homeward bound". And do you know - they sang "Hodja"!! I think one guy's parents were fans, how else would they get that one? Those college boys did their research!

Here's the set list:

Love of the Common Man (strings broke)
Song of the Viking
Free, Male and 21  (Todd thought no one ever heard this one, but he didn't know a Clevelander was there)
Tiny Demons
Hammer in my Heart
I Don't Want to Tie You Down (beautiful)
Love of the Common Man (all the way through)
Too Far Gone
Hello It's Me
Bang on the Ukulele
Hide Your Love Away
I Saw the Light
Can We Still Be Friends
I Want You
The Wheel
A Dream Goes On Forever
One World

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