2/8/03 Carolina Theatre, Durham, N.C.

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I've been keeping up with the various reviews during the tour and thought I'd share 'Our Experience' at the Carolina Theatre (CT)....This was the first time that I had seen Todd in 11 years (My wife and 11 year old son joined me....this was the second time for both of them...my son was in mama's belly the last time Todd was in NC - 2nd Wind tour)...I've been 'growing' with Todd since high school (42 now)...my son wore his Hawaiian shirt so Todd would feel at home...enough intro..

I wasn't sure what to expect with the CT...a pleasant surprise...it sounded good. Also, it was a nice sized crowd....typical Todd fans...came to see their Wizard! There was one Skynard (sp?) fan... Todd did jokingly 'treat us' to a couple lines of Freebird with a deep southern accent....funny guy!

Opening Act - The boys from NC State (Grains of Time) sang a capella...Todd even mentioned how 'tight' they were....I was waiting for Todd to join them for a rendition of Johnee Jingo (nope)...they did close (Toddless) with Hodja...good job!

On to the show...in typical Todd fashion, the man bee-bopped onto the stage, picked up his guitar and ripped into Love of the Common Man (only to start to 'fight' the guitar as strings started 'poppin')....he had the 'oh shit, not again' look on his face...and finally had to stop...two nights in a row with a broken string(s). He joked about things, pulled himself together and went to the piano....I won't go through the whole song list but it was very similar to the other shows.. And yes, he had some goofs (but we didn't care). In true Todd fashion, he has a 'wit' that deals with the situation, jokes about it and moves on. I felt that he worked the crowd and situations well. In spite of the goofs, he can still play, sing (still has a strong range), jam, just flat out entertain (even though he is in his 50's - as he joked).

I will say the show came and went too quickly....but with a collection of tunes that he has, he could've been there for hours....we wouldn't have minded.

We hung out after the show...my son bought a T-shirt and we were really hoping he could get it autographed and meet Todd.....my wife and I had the pleasure to meet him on the 2nd Wind tour (being in mama's belly, my son didn't remember - da!)...we didn't get the autograph, but he did end up with one of the broken guitar strings from one of the stagehands.... nice souvenir....Nice quality family time together!!! I hope we'll be fortunate enough to do it again (hope we won't have to wait 11 years though).

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2/8/2003 - Carolina Theatre - Durham, NC

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