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I came up from Florida on my way home to New York and I stopped off to see TODD. I was glad to see that it was a fairly large restored vaudeville theater with two balconies all filled to capacity. An a capella group of eight called "The Grains of Sand" opened and they were remarkably good finishing with "HODJA," a surprise. Everyone thought it would be "Johnee Jingo." Todd came out soon, gave them some kudos and started "Love of the Common Man" and broke some strings on a guitar that I haven't seen too often. I thought he would have had foamy and blacky with him. Went to the piano and played "Compassion" with verve. The rest of the show was great with the piano mistakes and all (you try to do it) he played, "Hello It's Me," the best I've heard in a while, on the piano, "Cliche," "Lyistrata" (wonderful) and the usual "Viking Song" among others. He sounded great, he was funny. Did the "With A Twist" songs that are always a favorite. I thought he was relaxed and enjoyed the large crowd. Happy to see that his Southern Tour was so well attended. Ending with "The Wheel" and "One World," most were very happy with his performance, I know I loved it. I liked the banter after the show about Todd as many fans waited for him to come out but, alas he didn't. I felt so bad for one little boy that came with his parents to get an autograph or at least a photo. He should have sent a request for an autograph back to him. A postscript: The security at the theater was overdone. No photos, one large guy in a cowboy hat even said he would throw me out forcibly if I took one (flash I can understand), therefore it looks like there are not too many photos of the event. Well on to Town Hall and The Talkhouse (A place that I talked about Todd playing for years, if you have a chance you should go, it's a very small place, atmospheric like a living room and at this time of year, isolated. So it will probably be you all and Billy Joel. Make sure that you get on the 1:15 AM train out.)

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