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All in all, an awesome show. Todd was quite animated and seemed to be in a very good mood. Breaking a string near the end of the opening song, singing "my worst nightmare" as a replacement line in Lysistrata was a smooth recovery.

Jumping over on piano for a great IWHMAD while guitar string was changed.

He joked about the terrorist alert - "from yellow to orange and they let all YOU people in here". A perfect rendition of "Compassion" on the grand piano was a highlight and worth the price of admission alone. His voice was awesome, much better than I expected. The Wheel, Tiny Demons, Viking Song seemed surreal. He still has it, no matter what you hear, and the fun he was having was contagious, it was a big Todd party & everyone had a blast. Reminded me of years past, sold out show, hoops & hollars during the songs when he would hit a trademark high note, etc. You could tell he was groovin on it. The sense of humor was tuned in, also joked about the Michael Jackson interview the night before, stating that was more disturbing to him than the code orange terrorist alert.

The crowd was very loud and receptive giving him applause deserving of the rock legend he is. Come back to Charlotte next time round Todd, Now you know you'll have no problem selling out.

If you have a chance to check out this tour,do it, you won't be sorry.

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2/7/2003 - Neighborhood Theatre - Charlotte, NC

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