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Seems as though Mike didn't have a good time at Todd's Theatre show Friday night. Sorry to hear that. I was there, and saw a totally different show. Todd was on, he sounded great.

I had an opportunity to speak with Todd and Tour manager/sound engineer George after the show. George though it was by far the best overall show in the last couple of weeks (and they thought Asheville had lousy sound, not the first time I've heard that comment). The guitar was a real bear last night, George never could get it dialed in, apparently due to the EQ module on the guitar itself. I NEVER heard the PA rattle, and I'm pretty tuned into those sort of things.

I don't think the opener had much of a chance, the crowd was there to see Todd and either talked or ran for beer during his entire set.

If Mike had been paying attention to pre-show announcements, he would have heard that the pre- show and break music being played was a collection of upcoming shows (Paul Thorn's "Burn Down the Trailor Park" is kick ass) including Lucy Kaplansky, Edwin McCaine, Arlo Guthrie, Alejandro Escovedo, Alex De Grassi and many others. Hardly "all bluegrass."

I've seen many shows in the Neighborhood Theatre, it is old but hardly "worn out." The "cold air blowing on Todd" was actually the HVAC blower...it wasn't cold and Todd was just goofing.

So Mike, I'm sorry you were in such a foul mood, but with three encores, I think Todd and most of the rest of 500 or so people would disagree with you.

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