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This was my first show ever at Rams-id always wanted to go but last time it was something-NRBQ play there a was small, real small 250 seats tr in a room the size of most holiday inn clubs..nice place, people-met geraldine, birthday lisa, my man barry b was there with debbie and i took my law partner bruce....richard s and sara k also present..

another real strong show-todd said he had a strange day-strange in that he was forgetful- gtr picks missing, left clothing in dc area hotel..the list did differ- tonite we got LIA, BandW but lost Too Far Gone and There Goes.. from the night before..i love this-opened up with LCM vs Lys at was having fun-called the crowd a bit lougie(sp?)...ther were some points of humor- gtr plug came out as tr was whooping it up like he did with kaz on LIA...but one things for sure here- he is and will remain to be one of the great singers in all of music and the fucker is on a roll now...ive not heard such relaxed range in many, rams wasnt the mind splitting cold water splash that the birchmere was..after listening to the first recording in from that night-its a classic show..there were many great moments of banter at rams and it was a bit looser but in my humble opinion, the performance vocal wise reached a height of near perfection at the birchmere-you wont find a better recent performance of compassion, too far gone and several others..great show- mostly simliar but im happy to report hes changing it up..its funny -it just occurred to me that japan got this thing started last fall with the blue note shows..minus jesse, thats what we got....and again i repeat theres something going on here behind the music that we havent seen in the past few solo tours, hes really singing as well and using his voice as well or dare i say better than he has for a long time...looks like the songlist is growing just thinking..maybe afterlife on mp3?????    


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