Review of Todd Rundgren at the Birchmere

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Reading the Weekend section of the Post a few weeks ago

Spotted Todd Rundgren Solo at the Birchmere

Todd Rundgren was a big part of my adolescent identity in the late 1970’s

I so admired his passionate contemplation into the human condition; his raw humor and sexuality

His cacophonous music was intriguing especially juxtaposed with “the mellow sounds of Todd Rundgren”

I left Todd Rundgren’s music to explore other music and didn’t return until a month ago

I went online to purchase tickets then keyed in Todd Rundgren. Something like 23,000 sites. I knew he was still putting out his own music plus producing but I learned that he had also been very busy with family and interactive computer technology

He also has a very loyal group of fans. He is a lucky guy

In a review one should understand the writer’s perspective and now you have mine…

I am coming from a more objective point of view…I’m reentering Todd Rundgren after a twenty year hiatus

I enjoyed seeing Todd Rundgren again. Live performance is always so much fun – to see and feel the energy of the artist and the audience

To me Todd Rundgren’s performance was mechanical and stiff. He seemed strained. It made me wonder if he was truly enjoying himself. It made me wonder why he is touring by himself because to me a lot of his music doesn’t easily lend itself to the unplugged or solo format. When he did plug in pre-recorded background instrumentals and sat on his stool and sang the sound was not very good and his hand motions weren’t expressed with enough emotion to make the whole thing work.

It made me wonder if he’s touring to take a pulse on his popularity

How much will his fans allow themselves to be stretched and still believe Todd is Godd?

It made me want to know more about the little bell in his head

Is it chiming the tune of the cash register?

Let’s hope not

Is Todd Rundgren solo because he is in a state of transition?

If he’s still planning on writing an autobiography I hope he will give some insight into his current outlook and what moves/motivates him

Better yet, I’d love to hear his thoughts expressed musically

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