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I know many people like to start this way so I will too: The 1st time I saw Todd perform was at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC around 1970 or so..with his 1st incarnation of Utopia. It truly was a magical evening. He was so in tuned with his audience. Since that time, I have never missed a performance when he comes through the area. For me it is always a major event.  I just...well.... you know.... However, lately it seems to me that his passion is not where it should be. I love to see him perform and I will always see him but I think it's time for something to happen to him (and as a result, us) ......musically speaking that is. I am not a member of Patronet, my computer won't permit me so I don't know what's happening there.  But I remember when "Nearly Human" got a 5 star review from Rolling Stone..I thought "this is it". But, it never got the play it deserved. His concerts were beautiful, among the best of his career, he was on fire. But now, he's coming through town to say hi and sing a few songs. He did a very nice show at The Birchmere but at the same time, to me, he was just going through the motions.  Gawd I wish I wasn't saying  this because I was always of the opinion that he could do no wrong..he is, was and always will be "the man". I just wish he had a passion that translated into new (dare I say it?) radio friendly music. He deserves a bigger audience. He loves his past music from what I could tell and he treats them with respect when he performs then....even Hello It's Me which is performed at every concert and for my money..not close to his best. I am a very big fan of Healing 1, 2, and 3. What I wouldn't give to see a live performance of that.

I also love the place I have found for music in a while.

So, if none of this makes any a nutshell the show at The Birchmere was pretty much how many of his performances over the last several years have seemed to me...with the exception of a voice in excellent shape..and the thrill of seeing him perform in be completely honest and realistic.....Todd could have phoned it in.

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2/4/2003 - Birchmere - Alexandria, VA

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