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I only have a few minutes to try to express my feelings about the show-in a short message to all: BELIEVE THE HYPE! I personally have never seen the man in such perfect voice throughout the show-ok, well maybe theres not a lot of new stuff in the set..but trust me, if hes still playing and singing like he was at this show when it gets to you-you need to go...i havent seen such a mistake free performance in a long long time...he came out-right to the gtr and started singing before he got into the political rap that always seems to pepper his dc shows..with the bush iraq war-this time he went off...i really felt like he affronted any right wingers there..anyhow, we got 2 opening acts which i defer comment on (time-both good-royston's piano song especially..) anyhow it was great for my friend jay and i to hook up with mark linovitz, and i finally got to meet richard seiter and sara k...more after rams...but i just want to say that it is obvious to all who have been seeing his shows for years that he has been practicing and his voice hasnt been better for along time-he hit ALL the high notes at this stop..maybe it was a day off, i dont know, but i guess we'll find out tonight..really a vocal performance to remember tonight for sure. lets hope we captured..stay tuned..gotta go.....t

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