Todd LIVE In Asheville, N.C.

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I don’t know what a lot of people’s problems are with Todd’s new solo tour, it is another phase of his career and should be seen in that light. Last summer a lot of “Onion heads” bitched and moaned because Todd was only the warm up for Hall and Oates. They had blinders on because the richness of Todd being able to play with their band as back up was wonderful! The added bonus to that tour was the fabulous “encore set” that Todd, Daryll and John did, singing each other’s music, music born from their Philly roots. I personally loved the old six piece Utopia and the Big Band that toured to support Nearly Human and Second Wind. But, Todd stripped bare and singing his heart out is a beeeee-u tee-ful thing to behold too! Todd has always missed notes and forced his vocal range, that is what makes our hero, our hero! That he would write, record and share his own intimate emotions mixed in melody, that he would go that extra effort to infuse some heart and Philly soul into what could have been a safe reading of an old hit, that’s our Runt taking us to his Utopia time and time again! I sat among many newbies that were brought their by their die hard friends and no one was disappointed. The set list was about the same as the other venues. Everyone seemed real happy and warm in the glow of old rockers, novelty toons and of course the “sweet, sad ooooooooold songs la – la – la etc.

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