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Two observations......well maybe three or four! For starters, the "Roy" boy is superb and hopefully with TR's guidance in the studio, Royston will have a CD to prove it this summer. Secondly, we are definately ALL aging. Wow, was this ever apparent as the crowd filtered into one of Americas Treasures (The Tennessee Theater). It truly is a great venue for small intimate shows. Tertiary, Todd is still Todd and is every bit the witty showman we all care and appreciate so very much. Some (critics) will say that he is losing a bit here or there (you know the types). I can honestly say that the show tonight just might be one of my all time favorites as Todd pulled out the "oldies" including several of "utopian era". There's no doubt that a man his age (our age) cannot "jam" and put on the stage presence of a 20 year old! Lets face it ....... the body just runs into a wall at some point. It has to do with "glycogenolysis and the citric acid cycle" but that's another day another problem. The fact is that after about an hour on stage, Todd gets tired. He then plugs in the now famous "mp3" device and uses the span of about three songs to catch his breath so to speak. He then proceeds to strap on the "six string" and get on with business. Business tonight by the way included "Black & White", "The Wheel", "One World", "Love of the Common Man", "Cliche" and far to many more to mention. You get the picture .... this is a must see show. Oh and yes he does have his bouts with the piano. Only to turn them into humor as only Todd would attempt to do. The "Viking Song" was hilarious tonight. After the show my wife received the suprise of a life-time as I coaxed Todd into personalizing her "Range Rover" with his pen. Our entire family now has notes from Todd scribed on our vehicles visors. This might sound stupid, but there I was with Todd and a "sharpie" with nothing to sign. So I suggested he climb into our vehicle and "have at it". He really is a kind person. Thanks Todd, hope to catch back up with you in Lexington this Spring.

ps Todd told me that there were definately some "Hall and Oates" dates for this upcomming summer.

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2/1/2003 - Tennessee Theatre - Knoxville, TN

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