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I was there in the ATL and would offer the following-

Flubs - Todd goofing on himself - I think he does it on purpose

Music quality - Not the best and many of the songs don't lend themselves to a " coffee house" concept.

If you are looking for a opportunity to hang out with Todd and here him sing some songs this is fine - sort of like going to see a romantic comedy - not expecting a life changing experience - just something light hearted to take you mind off things -

If you are expecting an epic rock concert, with all it's pomp and circumstance (which would be great and in reality what everyone wants) then you are going to walk out after about 5 minutes.

It sort of like a movie critic going to an Adam Sandler movie and saying that it was mindless trash - Well what are you expecting to see. Same goes for these shows - they are low key.

Is he putting effort into them - I would say yes - I don't know too many people who would want to go on stage for 1 1/2 hrs and drag there way through a performance - When he didn't prank his own work ( which was really Hello and ISTL) he put emotion into them - IWHMAD -The Wheel

Is Todd better with a band? - Does that even have to be answered?

Are those of his ilk (age) not able to bring it - Check on a Neil Young Weld DVD

Can he still bring it - No doubt - Abbey Road tour showed that - he played really well and voice was fine

Does he still want to: Good Question

Is he in it just for the $$ - If he was - he would pull the famous "Farwell Tour" angle, with the band - the full bit - He could rake in the cash and then come back again and do another " farewell tour" ( I think The Who said farwell 3 times)- Which would be fine with me as I would much rather see Todd with a strong band backing him

If this was your first show would you be dissappointed - ABSOLUTELY - When you go to see a performer for the first time you want to see them go at it with all their heart and talent - Which Todd does not do with this -

If you just like to see Todd and have him sing a few songs and chit chat with the audience in a low key fashion then you won't feel like you wasted your time

I saw this show with 0 expectations as I knew going in it would be this type of show

My suggestion to electricmel and others out there who want to see Todd the rocker is to wait to see when/if he rolls out with a band -


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