Jacksonville 1/29 Florida Theater

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I have seen Todd around 20 times and this is easily the best solo show I've seen. Royston was a very pleasant surprise, after making some very kind comments about Todd being one of the greatest musicians in our age and explaining that the solo bit was very new for him he blew us away with a SpaceHog tune.

Let me say that I have seen Todd in many varied venues ranging from large arenas and outdoor music festivals to a relatively small club and this was a wonderful intimate treat for us Todd junkies.

The show was like having Todd come to your garage and play a selection his favorite tunes over the last few decades....very cool.

His voice and guitar work were amazing, he did make a comment concerning his love-hate relationship with the massive grand but only few minor flubs, who cares, this isn't a studio it's real!

He also made a hilarious comment concerning the local bottled water "Zephyrhills" and that every time he looks at the bottle he reads syphilis ( I guess you'd have to be a Floridian to see the humor.)

He forgot or lost his ukulele so we got "band the drum" on 4/6th of his guitar, I think it actually gave him a larger drum for the Hawaiian chant.

Great sets, superb music, and great venue....a night with Todd I'll never forget.

Obvious standouts- lysistrada, the wheel and one world.

Todd, if you read this please recall our conversation (back in the CompuServe i-music days) concerning your felt encore obligation, you gave it all, thanks.

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1/29/2003 - Florida Theatre Jacksonville - Jacksonville, FL

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