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just a short review to close out a great week in fla. very similar to clearwater, but it definitely seemed like todd is getting better on the keys, very very few flubs and still vocally sounding great. crowd seemed a little quieter, calmer than tues. but probably almost the same number, or a little less. florida theather is beautiful and acoustically as good as ruth eckert(?) hall, clearwater. opened with lysistrada, no commentary. then the 2 faithfuls, and an early love in action. middle portion of the show was the same, same twist songs, and one world to end, the wheel encore number one(big crowd pleaser as it has been awhile....) and then back again for a great piano dream goes on, not mp3, which was a very nice surprise. all in all a solid show to wrap up florida, we had a great time, let's do it again sometime soon... too bad todd doesn't really ever take requests because if there was ever a time to attempt an acoustic just one victory, it was tuesday in tampa/clearwater.....we want the obvious.(sometimes)..

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1/29/2003 - Florida Theatre Jacksonville - Jacksonville, FL

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