Clearwater, 1/28/03

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well...finished the last leg of the florida trifecta last night and what a pleasant surprise it was. first, you can't beat a todd concert with your daughter which was accomplished in tallahassee. but it's difficult to imagine a better venue than the rowdy, SRO bar setting that was accomplished in orlando. so that left clearwater where i was more than a little worried when i saw it was going to take place in a "hall".

not to worry - OH has control of all venues and situations. great, into it todd oriented crowd and my row 4 from the stage seat was awesome.

royston led things off again and did a super job. he really does have a strong voice, looked comfortable and has skills equal at both the guitar and piano.

then it was time for TR. just a couple things about the set list....hello, it's me made a mid-concert appearance and i know this will sound weird, but the couple flubs that occured actually enhanced the song...can't explain it, but true.

five songs played had the audience mesmerized: compassion, it wouldn't have made any difference, i don't want to tie you down, tiny demons and hawking are as good as it gets!

a great night that didn't end there. i got an audience with OH and for the first time got my picture taken with him. don't know what my problem is but i get around TR and act like an idiot. a couple years ago i got blasted and i was an idiot when i met him and last night i was 100% sober and was an idiot when i met him. got to say hello to rex and royston also.

all in all a great six days and three shows in florida. if you get a chance to see this show - you gotta go. each performance was better than the previous one and by the time he hits the northeast and midwest it will be rockin'...

oh yes, and go - go patti go!

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