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Just seeing the show In Boca three night early I was asked why are you going all the way to Clearwater to see Todd again. Having seen all but one tour and multiple show on each tour since 1977 you never get enough Todd. Besides he opened for the Pretenders and only performed 12 songs that's just enough to only wet your appetite. so I made the 3 1/2 hour trip north for the entree.

I got to Clearwater early purchased my ticket 15th row just left of the stage and went to the Tampa Buc's victory parade. That was fun being from Cleveland I have always wonder what it would be like. Tampa should be proud it was very orderly and everyone had a good time. Thank God your not Raider fans you may have burned your city down.

Now to the show opening was Royston Langdon.I took notes so I could give this young man his props being the dark hall you can't see what your writing. He sang a few songs and then sang a song from his album explaining it contained so bad language the song " Fuck You with My Love" I think hanging with Todd he's picking up his sense of humor. He did another called " Can't Go Home Again" Explaining it was about his home town of Leeds London Made Famous by Our famous pedophile. Sorry I don't remember more but I can't read my chicken scratch. Todd songs I just need to write one word so here we go.

The crowd this time all Rundgren fan unlike Boca was very energetic. Which I was glad to see much better then Boca. Todd came on stage again dressed in black stepped to the mic to sing and took a towel to wipe off the mic. Moist Royston He said. He must have really spit on that mic. First song same as other shows Love of the Common Man followed by Cliche. He then commented about watching part of The State of the Union Address. Telling the crowd it was about poor economy, more unemployment and war for another year.Then ask if we heard that some senators want to bring back the draft, remember what that was like and went into playing Lysastrata followed by Tie You Down and finally Hammer in My Heart to which he then switch to what he make no bones about his least favorite instrument the piano.

Todd sat down and preceded to wipe off the mic their. Nothing personal he said he's family referring to Royston. he opened this set of song with Compassion, next was Song of the Viking and Couldn't Have Made Any Difference. Next came Free- Male and Twenty-One a song he clearly enjoys playing and finally Hello - Its Me. He got  up and when back to his acoustic guitar. Went it to explaining his move to Hawaii you know the rest if you read other reviews I don't need to explain and the played Bang the Drum and Tiny Demons.

Todd then said he was tired sat on a stool cracked out his mp3 player. Telling us it was not really an mp3 player rather his was dialing up the band they were waiting. He then performed in Bossa Nova Style, I Saw the Light, Influenza Can We Still Be Friends and Marvin Gaye's I Want You. He strapped back on his guitar and played One World to which I think I was the only one singing and clapping. This has become my all time Favorite song since sing it on stage with Todd and the Band back in 1995.

Encore one was fan favorite The Wheel. He then left the stage again along with a third of the crowd. Todd then reentered and said " I know you all want to get out in that traffic" He sat down at the piano and for his finally performed the Hawking. All in all this was a great show and I'm glad I made the trip. If your a true blue Todd fan don't miss this tour you won't be disappointed. If your just a fan from the past and your ready to see how Todd has evolved over the last 15 to 20 years like T.W. Banks stay home and don't ruin it for the rest of us who still think Todd is a Wizard a True Star.

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